Principal’s Message


A challenge to realize the vision and mission of a school like Kgaladi is quite a great one especially to those given a leadership role. We need at times to sit down and reflect on what we can and how best we can. It is indeed an effort, a collective effort that makes a school what it is and what it has to be. Parents, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, Education Department as well as all the other stakeholders must be highly involved in all educational matters.

It is our responsibility to ensure that we reach a point where we will proudly say that we have realized the dream of ensuring that our kids, our learners are getting a quality education.  Our Vision Statement envisages learners exiting Kgaladi Primary School being literate, numerate, self-disciplined, responsible and having developed critical thinking. These need efforts from all stake holders and believe me we will get exactly there.

I will fail if I don’t acknowledge our educators, SMT and all the committees as well as all men and women who have been and are continuing to be pillars of strength to this school. The support you gave me through my years as the principal of this school is amazing. Keep it up. In a very special way, allow me to acknowledge the role played by our governing body. You are really amazing, thanks a lot.

To Dr. SN Koma, Mr M. Kgalema and Mr SA Motau, thanks so much for your time in assisting the SGB as its co-opted members. You are highly valued.

We are a school, a place so loved by the community and parents. Thanks to the volunteer-cleaners and admin officer.  To the parents who were there when we called them for all meetings: You have played your part, Kgaladi will always be a school for your kids. Thanks to all who hit to our call of ensuring that we get our identity and we truly define ourselves as we are and in our school uniform.  I personally understand the impacts of poverty because I grew up poor but believe me; the school uniform makes our kids the same in many respects.

Please keep supporting all our endeavors to keep Kgaladi Primary School where it has to be.

The Principal: Mr Ntake PF